April Inter-County Blitz

Inter-county blitz results

Suffolk Juniors have been regular participants in the monthly Inter-County Blitz Battle events, organised by FIDE arbiter, Alex Holowczak.

The monthly Inter-County Blitz events started at the beginning of the pandemic to give children the opportunity to carry-on playing chess when over-the-board chess wasn’t possible. Today, the online event, which consists of two divisions, is still running and provides a nice and friendly way to compete for your county, no matter what your playing level is.

Suffolk have been a bit of a yo-yo side for the past year or so, typically oscillating back and forth each month between division 2 and division 1. In the event earlier this month, we ended up being promoted to division 1¬†again. We’re now aiming to stake our claim to remain there after the next event in May.

A highlight from April’s event was that one of SJC’s newer members, Oganesson123nitrogen (1154), produced a remarkable result against Chrisgupru (1698), rated more than 500 Elo points higher than them. The game can be found below:

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