East Anglian Team Battle September 2023

East Anglian Arena Tactics

In last Wednesday’s monthly East Anglian Junior Chess Team Battle, Suffolk ended up in 2nd place overall behind KEGS (King Edward VI Grammar School), after a very exciting finale.

During the tournament, there were many interesting games, including some fun tactics.

Tactic 1

In the game between RowanKent v FestiveCariboo, both players had just a King and Queen each remaining. In most situations, this configuration is completely drawn, which was also the case in this game. However, in the position below, RowanKent made the final result much more fun by playing Qb5+, sacrificing his Queen so that the game concluded immediately with stalemate on the board.

RowanKent v FestiveCariboo
RowanKent (1739) v FestiveCariboo (1930)

Tactic 2

In the game FriendlyFreeLion v Oganesson123Nitrogen, Oganesson123Nitrogen executed a very rare double-check finish. Can you spot the winning move for Black?

FriendlyFreeLion v OganessonNitrogen123
FriendlyFreeLion (977) v Oganesson123Nitrogen (1052)

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