2020 News

  • Sunday tourney
    2020 News

    Sunday tourney

    Today we held an Arena event.  Number were slightly down due to AbleLopsidedGiraffe, OliverRichards and RowanKent taking part in the online London Junior Chess Championships U12 finals which are running throughout today. Midnight17 looked sure to follow up his victory…

  • SJC club night
    2020 News

    SJC Clubnight

    Well played to Midnight17 who won this event, playing no less than 13 games of chess in one hour, and won all but 3 of them – very well played.  RowanKent also played very well to…

  • Wednesday Evening Clubnight SJC Arena
    2020 News

    Wednesday Club Night

    Can anyone stop him???  RowanKent had a night to remember – played 11, won 11.  Not a bad streak!  Well played.  With a number of players tied on 14 points at the end, Koliyfl0w37 mounted a late…

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    2020 News


    A bit of a change today. We are playing Essex next weekend – Sunday 22nd November at 10.30am in a Battle Blitz on www.lichess.org, so we thought we had better have a trial…

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    2020 News

    Chess notation

    What is Chess Notation and why is it used? Chess notation is the method by which chess games are recorded. Chess games are often recorded in chess tournaments – the sort of tournaments…